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Buy Diesel 2018-07-06

>> Mr. Mahendra Parikh, MVP Enterprise Inc.

Buy Diesel

Regularly requires Diesel
6/7000 MT every week
Free on Barges at UAE - Fujirah or Jebel Ali
Cash payment
If any one can supply on regular basis contact me at my contact
Mahendra Parikh

Dear MR Parikh
We are a mandate firm to our end seller Refinery company that supply oil and gas products to buyers and consumers. We represent the major Oil Refineries to the Government of the Russia Federation to help buyers meet their various requirements and needs. We Can supply the quantity of diesel you need.FOB,ROTTERNDARM,CIF in ASWP are our delivery terms. SKYPE ID : leonarddeniro7 for more clarification you can also contact via Email: leonarddeniro7@gmail.com. Thanks

Here is our seller’s procedure kindly review it and get back to us thanks.

1. Seller issue SPA contract upon receipt of Buyer ICPO and Company registration.
2. Buyer endorse the SPA and return along with the pre-advise MT799 for first Month shipment to the Seller bank.
3. Seller legalize the Contract with the Ministry of Energy for authorization to issue the Statement of product availability, certificate of Origin in Buyer name.
4. Upon confirmation of the documents by the Buyer, the Buyer bank swift the MT760 instrument for the first month shipment to the Seller nominated bank account and Seller bank upon confirmation revert back with the 2% PB bank guarantee.
5. Upon confirmation of the PB by the buyer bank, Seller summarizes the shipping schedule and releases Proof of Product as listed below.
a. Injection Report,
b. Bill of loading,
c. Quality in seller’s tanks,
d. Vessel Q88, Shipping schedule stating estimated time of departure, estimated time of arrival,
e. Dip Test Authorization Letter.
f. Product Passport in Buyer Company Name.
6. Upon arrival of the vessel at Buyer’s discharge port, Buyer provides seller with shore tank storage facility coordinates and necessary requirements to enable Buyer’s SGS conduct Dip Test.
7. Seller issues to Buyer Full DTA for immediate proceeding of inspection by Buyer's SGS.
8. Seller’s Bank issuing FULL Proof of Product (FULL POP/CURRENT DATED SGS REPORT) Buyer’s bank pays the 100% of Total value of the product in Buyer’s storage tank by wire transfer MT103 in accordance with the Seller’s invoice and SGS inspection report.
9. Upon confirmation of the payment, Seller issues to the Buyer the title of ownership and all Exporting documents.

Best Regards

Leonard Deniro
Managing Director

 Contact Information
Name     Leonard Deniro 
Company   Member : Seplot oil 
Email   Log In to See Email 
   Inquire Now 
Tel   +74956655425 
Fax   +7-8122345698 
Mobile   +745980342 

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