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ULSD-D2 GOST 305-82 FOB Black & Baltic Sea 2018-05-03
ULSD-D2 GOST 305-82
FOB Black & Baltic Sea (FOB Novorossiysk).

The price for each metric ton of the Goods
means Platt’s Rotterdam minus discount Gross 50/Net 40 USD for each metric ton.

The Parties have agreed on the following payment procedure for the Goods:
1. Within 5 (Five) banking days from the date of signing this Contract, the Buyer's bank shall provide the Seller and the Beneficiary with a letter of readiness to display the SBLC MT799/760 format, as in Appendix No.5, with confirmation of the SBLC text, as in Appendix No.6.

2. Within 7 (Seven) calendar days of the moment of execution of item 1 of the present Appendix, the bank of the Seller will send to the bank of the Buyer the list of Proof of Product (POP);

Within 5 (five) calendar days, the Buyer's Bank, from the moment of execution, clause 2
Shall provide a non-operative SBLC to the Seller's bank the amount covering 2-monthly (XXX,XXX MT) shipment value of the goods, and namely: US$, valid 365 + 30 (Three Hundred Sixty - Five Plus Thirty) or 90 + 30 (Ninety plus Thirty) calendar days, as warranty of payment for the delivered Goods. SBLC becomes operational at the time the Seller issues the P.B. 2% of the SBLC amount under this contract.

3. Procedure for performance of the contract:
Procedure for the execution of the FOB Novorossiysk contract.

3.1 The Seller provides an opportunity for the representative of the Buyer Company to be present when loading the goods on the Buyer's tanker at the Black Sea port (Novorossiysk)
3.1.1. In the port of Novorossiysk, the goods, according to the Seller's the port terminal The Storage Agreement and Transhipment are merged into a storage container.

3.1.2 The Seller, at the request of the Buyer, provides copies of the documents for goods received when the goods are drained into the storehouse or the capacity of the Seller FOR THE PURCHASE TANKER APPROACH.

3.2. The Seller allows the Buyer to conduct a dip test.

3.3. Within 24 hours from the date of discharge to the Terminal (capacity), the Buyer provides the Seller with the date of approach of the Buyer's tanker for loading and the Q 88 tanker for reconciliation.

3.4. The goods are transferred to the Buyer in the port of Novorossiysk from the tank (tank)
Seller to the Buyer's tanker.

3.5. When loading the goods from the Seller's tank (tank) to the Buyer's tanker, the Buyer will be provided with the following documents:
• Full set of 3/3 Tank Storage Receipt (TSR) included X.Y. Coordination.
• Certificate of Quality made by SGS at the loading port, 1 original/3 copies;
• Certificate of Quantity made by SGS at the loading port, 1 original/3 copies;
• Certificate of Origin issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Trade of the country of origin of the goods, 1 copy;
• Time-sheet, 1 copy;
• Ullage report, 1 copy;
• Commercial invoice (made by SGS at the loading port) 1 original / 3 copies;
• Master’s receipt for samples and for documents, 1 copy.

4. The Buyer pays the Seller for each shipment of goods, direct bank transfer in US dollars to the Seller's settlement account through MT 103

5. The intermediaries are paid by the Seller within 72 hours after each shipping consignment. Payment is made to current accounts
the commission agents specified in Appendix 9.
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