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M100-190/180 PETCOKE ROSNEFT 2017-10-22
D2-290/280$ M100-190/180$ PETCOKE 75/65$ ROSNEFT

All petroleum products are present

Price and specification for non-standard
Procedure non-negotiable

1. Buyer issues LOI/ICPO+BCL + NCNDA/IMPFA + CP to seller.

2. Seller issued FCO to buyer, buyer signed FCO and return it accompanied with ICPO to seller.

3. Seller issues Draft Contract for buyer to countersign upon acceptance of terms and conditions.

4. Seller confirms final contract, at own expense registers it and submit partial POP buyer, i.e.:-
A. commitment to Supply,
B. Commodity Transaction Passport (Transfer Certificate),
C. Product Injection Report/ Vessel details (e.g. Q88),
D. Sellers Registration Certificate.
E) Product passport

5. Seller at own expense, signs CPA with shipping/logistic company and alert buyer on shipment ordered graphic/schedule accompanied with Sanitary Commercial Invoice to buyer.

6. Upon shipment schedule announcement, buyer's bank within five (5) working days shall swift DLC, MT700 or MT760 to sellers bank, sellers bank responds with contractual operative 2% PB and bellow's full POP documentations to buyer's bank within twenty four (24) hours since buyer's instrument confirmed by seller's bank:-
A. Copy of License to Export, Issued by the Department of the Ministry of Energy.
B. Copy of Approval to Export, Issued by the Department of the Ministry of Justice.
C. Copy of Statement of Availability of the Product.
D. Copy of the Refinery commitment to Produce the Product.
E. Certificate of Origin.
F. Copy of the Port Storage Agreement.
G. Copy of the Charter Party Agreement(S) To Transport the Product to Discharge Port. H. Copy of SGS report.
I. Allocation Transaction Passport Code Certificate [ATPCC]
J. Copy of Bill of Lading.
L. The customs formalities, and also test report to buyer/bank.

7. After mutual confirmation of the above, loading commences. If the buyer fails to issue agreed instrument within said five (5) working days, as an alternative provision, within seventy two (72) hours, buyer shall immediately pay 1% of month value via TT to seller's Logistic Company or Escrow governing to guarantee restoring chartered performance and rectification to ordered shipping graphic, the 1% will later been deducted from product's Invoice payment value.

8. Upon successful confirmation of quality and quantity at destination port, buyer makes payment by MT103 or T/T wire transfer upon receipt of CIQ certificate at discharge port.

9. Seller pays commission all intermediaries involved in the transaction.
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