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We " Sellers Agent Representative Office " an Oil and Gas trading and exporting company, with full legal responsibility, under penalty of perjury hereby issue this Soft Corporate Offer with given terms and conditions as stated in this offer to confirm our readiness to execute a Sales and Purchase Agreement with end buyer, with the ability to supply the following commodity according to the terms and conditions stipulated in this soft corporate offer.

Origin: Russia
Quantity: Minimu m of 10K MT /per month and Maximum of 100K MT/ per month
Price / CIF :
30/40 $410 Gross/ $400 Net per MT
40/50 $430 Gross/ $420 Net per MT
50/60 $450 Gross/ $440 Net per MT
60/70 $520 Gross/ $510 Net per MT
80/100 $480 Gross/ $470 Net per MT
85/100 $470 Gross/ $460 Net per MT
100/120 $440 Gross/ $430 Net per MT
Price / FOB:
30/40 $400 Gross/ $390 Net per MT
40/50 $420 Gross/ $410 Net per MT
50/60 $440 Gross/ $430 Net per MT
60/70 $480 Gross/ $470 Net per MT
80/100 $460 Gross/ $450 Net per MT
85/100 $450 Gross/ $440 Net per MT
100/120 $430 Gross/ $420 Net per MT

1. The buyer shall ICPO + BCL upon verification, Seller will issue completed signed/sealed FCO, following by Draft Contract for both parties countersigning.
2. Within 3 (three) banking days Buyer shall review, countersign and/or made any necessary Amendments.
3. Within 7 (seven) working days from lodging the Agreement in both banks, Buyers bank shall issue financial instrument must be issued or confirmed and guaranteed by Top World Prime Bank acceptable to Seller.
4. Within 10 (ten) banking days of the receipt, verify and authenticate of Buyers financial instrument, the Seller shall submit POP and 2% Performance Bond for the value of Irrevocable Prime Bank Letter of Credit.
5. The first shipment delivery within 28 working days from the date of the sellers acceptance of the financial instrument.
6. NCNDA/IMFPA will be endorsed with sellers and buyers bank. Upon vessel arrival at destination port Buyer discharges the products and within 72 hours pays all parties their commissions.
7. Seller issues FULL POP Documents to Buyer to bank, namely :
a. Copy of Commercial Invoice.
b. Copy of Approval to Export certificate.
c. Copy of statement of Availability to the Product.
d. Copy of the Refinery Commitment to Produce the Product.
e. Copy of Transneft Contract to Transport the Product to the Port.
f. Copy of the Port Storage Agreement.
g. Copy of Charter Party Agreements to Transport the Product to Discharge Port.
h. The Customs formalities, and test report to Buyers bank.
i. Certificate of Origin.
j. Copy of Vessel Questionnaire 88
k. Dip Test Authorization.
l. Copy of Bill of Lading.
m. SGS report.
n. Tank Receipt.
8. Shipment commences. When ship arrives at destination port and Buyer conducts inspection on the goods and upon satisfaction, Buyer release payment to Sellers bank after inspection at destination port 100% payable for each of shipment within 3 (three) banking days upon cargo the cargo passed SGS and receipt of all the relevant payment documents.

Authorized Signatory of Sellers Agent
Wahyudi, SE / Director

>> Mr. william lee, Stariver Energy Trading CO, LT


We are a highly experienced and procurement buyers plentiful Chinese energy and chemical procurement services company headquartered in Beijing. We serve many central enterprises of the Chinese government and many local state-owned enterprises and listed companies in China, and serve their overseas procurement related matters. The products purchased are mainly petroleum and chemical products. Including and not limited to liquefied natural gas(LNG), liquefied petroleum gas(LPG), fuel oil, aviation fuel, asphalt, petroleum coke and other energy and chemical products.

A good cooperative relationship enables us to become the joint purchasing and business unit of overseas procurement of the above large enterprises, thus forming a huge purchasing intention; At the same time, the strong capital and purchasing ability of these huge buyers of central and state-owned enterprises we cooperate have become the guarantee of the success of international procurement business and trade. We welcome the contact of national oil, gas and chemical companies, oil and gas owners and operators, large energy and chemical suppliers and other real and quality suppliers from all over the world.

It would be better if you could come to Beijing to meet us, and discuss and negotiate with us for the top table meeting(TTM). We hope that through cooperation with global suppliers, we can share the huge business market of China and provide China with a large number of energy and chemical products of high quality and low price.

The detailed introduction of our own company will be given in the detailed communication. The following is the introduction and purchase intention profile of one of the central enterprise buyers and buyers we cooperate with. The real sellers are more concerned about the following information:


Our group company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the China State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Committee appointed by the local government of China. It belongs to a state-owned enterprise and should be directly supervised by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Committee of China. So our company are authorized to shoulder three responsibilities and functions like government investment, financing platform and state-owned capital operation.

Our group company focuses on the global trading of petroleum, liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and bitumen, petroleum coke, methanol and other petrochemical products. At the same time, foreign investment involves 15 industries and fields such as electricity, steel, petrochemical, mineral resources development, finance, trade logistics, high-tech, real estate, hotels, tourism, and light industry.

The excellent business performance laid a solid foundation for the company's strategic goal of achieving international large-scale enterprises. At the end of 2016, our group's total assets were nearly RMB 60 billion Yuan, and the company's equity investment projects totaled more than forty, including many wholly-owned subsidiaries, and many shareholding companies. The participating companies include several public listed companies.

According to our customers needs, we are willing and able to buy and purchase petroleum, liquefied natural gas (LNG), bitumen, petroleum coke, methanol and other petrochemical products that have good quality and nice price directly from suppliers and first-hand traders all over the world. We have a huge market opportunities and a large number of customers can cooperate. So if you have relevant oil and gas resources and connection, we sincerely hope to form a strategic cooperation and purchasing relationship with you, and have the opportunity to cooperate in depth to explore and share our China's huge energy market together.

1. The demand quantity of Bitumen:
The existing ready-made customers demand: about 300,000 tons/year.
2. Customer application:
Using bitumen to build roads, building waterproof or as a chemical raw material.
3. Material and specification:
Provided by the gas suppliers;
4. Product price:
Provided by the gas suppliers;
5. Transport cabin requirements:
CIF to China
6. Receiving Ports:
Major ports in China.

If you want to cooperate with oil and gas fields, refineries, large petrochemical companies and other petrochemical enterprises have other oil and gas energy and petrochemical products, welcome to provide information and cooperation documents and cooperate with us.

Please provide more details of products as below:
1. Loading port name;
2. Supplier and Refinery name;
3. Products price indication;
4. Material and specification;
5. Delivery and trade history to China or other countries like recent Bill of Lading copy, inspection report and so on.
Its best if we can get a whole SCO (SOFT CORPORATE OFFER) including trade history.

William Lee
ID: williamlee196906
Email: williamlee196906@sina.com


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Name   Mr. Wah yudi 
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