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buyer of asphalt to export to Brazil 2018-10-27
Fortaleza (CE) -Brazil, October 26th, 2018
Dear Sirs,
Asfaltos Nordeste Ltda is a company that since 1997 carries out activity for which it has a title issued by the federal agency for the distribution, production and transportation of asphalt products.
Its plant is located in the northeastern region of Brazil, precisely in the city of Maracanaú, a city close to Fortaleza, capital of the State of Ceará.
We serve the entire North Northeast Region of Brazil and also the South and Southeast region with Distribution and Transportation.
The Brazilian market consumes an average of 2 million tons of asphalt products per year.
We are one of the participants of this market, we are an industry of conventional asphalt emulsions, modified with polymer, of controlled rupture and for services of primer.
We mainly serve the road works that are executed by our clients, as well as direct sale to the public sector.
We will begin the import of asphalt products. By which we are also authorized to operate through the authorized federal government agency.
This import operation is designed to start its operation through one of the following modalities:
1) Bitutainers 20 "or 40"
2) 1 ton bitubag in FCO
3) Drums of 200kg in FCO
Therefore we ask:
A) A proposal for each type of packaging above.
B) The product to be imported is the ASPHALT CEMENT OF PETROLEUM, CAP, with penetration grade 50/70 or less. (40/50, 30/40). Please inform according to the variations of penetration (price per ton).
C) The conditions with freight always with insurance and for delivery in Fortaleza (port of mucuripe) or preferably Pecém (port of Pecém). in the mode freight included (CIF) or freight by our account (FOB)      
C.1) We emphasize that we will do everything possible for the faster unloading and release of FCO / Bitutainer.
D) We know that quantity directly influences the unit price of the ton, so we inform that we will make initial import of 500 tons, being able to be 1,000 tons.
E) We want a sample of the product sent to us.
F) We ask that you send us the product specifications of your proposal.
G) We suggest the use of letter of credit or through an international Factoring.
H) we also inform that as soon as we have this operation in full operation we will increase the imported volumes and in the medium term we will make through asphalt transport ships.

Thanks for listening.

Best regards,

André Silva Barbosa
Director General
Asfaltos Nordeste ltda
Whatsapp / mobile: +55 85 99121-6874

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Name   Mr. Andre Barbosa 
Company   Member : Asfaltosnordeste.com.br 
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Tel   +55 85 992126874 
Fax   +55 85 33112800 
Mobile   +55 85 33112844 

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