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Black dirty engine oil recycling machine-BOD 2018-12-17
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BOD-T Used Lube Oil Pyrolysis Pant can be applicable to all kinds of different waste oil feed stock,
typically as used engine oil, heavy fuel oil, tire motor oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, transmission oil, etc.
It can convert those lube oils into high quality base oil, heavy oil as well as gasoline and asphalt.

1. Advanced Germany Technology and Original Design
BOD-T waste oil distillation plant is one of our newly developed products which combines several our latest technologies. It can rapidly extract light fractions from waste oil to remove water and light distillates and to eventually produce high quality base oil continuously. In the meanwhile, those non-ideal components from waste oil such as Metal Impurities, Base Nitrogen, Sulfur Compounds etc will be removed from the end product after distillation process.

2. Unique Catalytic Pyrolysis System
BOD-T waste oil distillation plant adopt our unique patent: Catalytic Pyrolysis system. This system combines with vacuum flash distillation technology, breaking up the molecular bonds of waste oil into short chain to be formed into high quality base oil.

3. Environment Friendly
With the fully closed distillation system, Zhongneng patented gas purification and recycling technologies ensuring ZERO pollution to the environment.

4. High Quality&Strict Inspection
Built-up in the first class workmanship and superior component. Every single Zhongneng distillation plant passed the severe inspection procedures to ensure the best quality to be delivered to each of customer.

5. High Quality Final Product of New Base Oil
Precise Cut Fractions, producing pure high quality base oil with low sulfur content.
The final product out of this distillation plant is high quality base oil with the same quality of new base oil from gas stations.
6. High Technology
Highly automatic control system, Digital Monitoring and PLC System optional.
(APP monitoring under development)

7. Safety Guarantee
Extra thicker steel plates deliveries extra durability and safety.

8. Germany Spare Parts Option

9.High oil recovery rate (reach to 93%)

Ansen Zuo
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Name   Mr. Ansen Zuo 
Company   Member : Chongqing Zhongneng Oil Purifier 
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Tel   0086-23-6806 4005 
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