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Base Oil all grades- FOB Primorsk or CIF-Real Buyers Only 2018-04-10
Seller has Base Oil (All Grades) available FOB Primorsk or CIF.
Please only contact if buyer has the money POF is essential, any buyer who cannot give POF or wants POP before please do not contact, buyers who are scared to give BANk to BANK POF do not have the money and we do not have time to waste.
No seller can do anything with BANK to BANK POF they cannot run away with your funds and POF via swift is $25-$35 not millions.

If you have a real buyer and need ANY product please get in touch.


skype: michael arshad (blue car).

To receive the FCO we need from the buyer an LOI with CP then they will get the FCO and move as per procedure below:


1- Buyers Issue an Irrevocable corporate purchase order ICPO
2- Seller issues to buyer the Sales and Purchase Agreement Contract to buyer,
Buyer sign with initials and return to Seller.
3. 3- Buyer Bank send RWA via SWIFT MT799 confirms that the Buyer is a client of the Bank and has the finance capability to handle this contract, Seller issuesBelow Partial Proof of Product to Buyer:
1. a) Copy of Re finery certi ficate of incorporation
2. b) Copy of Statement of availability of the product
3. c) Copy of the Tank Storage agreement
4. d) Copy of the Charter Party agreement
5. e) Copy of quality and quantity Q&Q (indigenous analysis report)
4. 4- Buyers bank send a CONDITIONAL MT 103/72 or SBLC via MT 760 for the total amount of shipment value to sellers Fiduciary/ Financier bank coordinate
5. 5- Within 48hours of receipt by the seller of the Financial Commitment from the buyers bank, the seller issue ATB Authorization to board vessel to buyer appointed inde- pendent inspectors.
6. 6- After receipt of a positive quality and quantity (Q&Q) report from buyers appointed inspector's, Buyer releases payment to Seller via MT103,TT Wire Transfer, re-assign- ment of the cargo is done in buyer's name and all original documents are given to the buyer

CIF Any Safe World Port.

To receive the Full Corporate Offer, the buyer must submit an LOI, with details of the buyer, the product details and buyer CP. Then along with the FCO the buyer will receive the NCNDA / IMFPA.
2. Buyer confirms FCO and giving ICPO.
3. Seller issue Draft Contract and sends it to the Buyer. And then Buyer returns to the Seller signed/sealed Contract.
4. Buyer Bank through SWIFT MT799 gives confirmation of funds.
5. Seller issue PPOP Documents to the Buyers Bank:
a) Copy of Refinery certificate of incorporation
b) Copy of Statement of availability of the product
c) Copy of the Refinery commitment to produce the product
d) Copy of the Port Storage agreement
e) Copy of the Charter Party agreement to transport the product to discharge Port f) Copy of quality and quantity Q&Q analysis report
6. SIMULTANEOUSLY Buyers bank issue an Irrevocable, confirmed, transferable revolving SBLC via swift MT760 for the face value of each single shipment to sellers bank, Sellers Bank issue 1% Performance Bond (PB) and below Full Prove of Product (FPOP)
a) Copy of license to export, issued by the department of the Ministry of Energy,
b) RussianFederation.
c) Copy of Approval to Export, issued by the Ministry of Justice, Russian Federation.. c) d) Copy of Vessel Questionnaire 88.
d) Copy of Bill of Lading.
e) SGS Report at loading port.
f) Dip test Authorization (DTA) & ATB
g) NOR / ETA
h) Certificate of Ownership Transfer
I) Attestation of Allocation certificate endorsed by Ministry of Energy
7. Seller nominated Insurance/shipping company issue 100% Insurance policy for first month
shipment value.
8. Shipment commences as per signed contract delivery schedule and the shipment should arrive at Buyers discharge port within 10 - 15 days.
9. The SGS or Intertek inspection will be borne by the Seller at the loading seaport and Buyer at the unloading seaport.
10. Buyer releases payment to Seller by TT/MT103 upon receipt of the shipping documents and confirmation of the Q & Q by SGS/SAYBOLT at unloading port.
11. For the purpose of clarity that the closing and completion of each and every shipment shall be deemed to take place when the MT 103 T/T issued by the buyer has been drawn down at the counters of the issuing bank.
12. Deliveries will be continued as contract terms.
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Name   Mr. Michael Arshad 
Company   Member : SBS 
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Tel   +447949532660 
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